Rug Warrior is the second of the two example robots detailed in Mobile Robots: Inspiration to Implementation. Unlike the TuteBot, Rug Warrior contained a programmable microcontroller (the MC68HC11A0 from Motorola was recommended). The generic Rug Warrior contained two IR emitters and an IR detector (for proximity detection), three bumper switches (for collision detection), a piezo buzzer, two photo cells, a pyroelectric sensor, a microphone, and two shaft encoders (for determining position and speed of the wheels).

Two variations of the Rug Warrior were built. Rug Warrior I was built on a custom chassis with Tonka rubber wheels and a nylon caster for stability. It was more-or-less cylindrical in shape and surrounded by a clear plastic bump skirt for detecting collisions. Rug Warrior II had the same electronics and sensor suite, but its mechanical base was built from LEGO building blocks with a tank-drive locomotion system. The control programs for both robots were written in Interactive C a variation of the C Programming Language.

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