Just as a public safety thing:

Really, do not do this. I don't know why one would bother rubbing the salt, because just salting a cut is one of the most painful things a person can do.

Once, in a fit of stupidity, I actually tried this. While working at a Taco Bell, I accidentally cut off the tip of my finger (the safety gloves they use are crap). I quickly bandaged it, in good Boy Scout fashion (as you can guess, I had much practice). After the store opened and the rest of the shift showed up and I was generally made fun of, someone said "Oh, stop rubbing salt in his wounds."

Once again, I was not given to thinking things through.

Reaching over the counter and grabbing a packet of salt, I gently opened the bandage and poured in a very very small quantity of salt and flinched in anticipation.

Odd, didn't feel anything. Looked to make sure I didn't miss. Then said "Huh, salt doesn't really hurt." And then collapsed, screaming in massive pain, into blissful unconsciosness.

Good news is, massive osmosis causes any bleeding injury to scab over instantly, preventing bloodloss.

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