Rosemary Beach is a small seaside community. It is one of the many beach communities that dot the coastline of northwest Florida. Rosemary, as the local's know it, is made up of a cluster of vacation homes huddled together providing shaded streets and casual walkways to people out and about. Nobody drives here. The streets are only used for vehicles to make it to a house and park. Bicycles are the standard mode of transportation. With a work-out center, tennis courts, 3 pools, not to mention numerous shops, restaurants, and themed activities, it's a wonder how people find time to jaunt across one of the many dune walk-overs to enjoy the beach. One of the things that makes this beach community different than a lot of other communities like it, is it is right next to a Federally protected turtle beach. The street lights as well as house lights are required to be low. Bright lights can actually be detected by baby turtles after they hatch, and will cause them to move to hazards inland areas, rather than out to the gulf waters where nature intends them. The low lighting helps to promote a cozy ambiance at night. Population swells in the summers and still manages to be pretty busy during the winters. Overall it is a nice place to be. Check it out at

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