Ronnie Dobbs (Ronwell Quincy Dobbs) is a fictional character from David Cross and Bob Odenkirk's Mr. Show series.  Dobbs, played by David Cross, is a shaggy long-haired loser who personifies every grimy foul-mouthed "antagonist" seen on FOX Television's COPS program; wearing nothing but a baseball cap and a pair of raggedy jeans, Dobbs is generally at the center of domestic trouble as the trailer park-drama called his life unfolds before the cameras.  Eventually, Dobbs' life becomes the focus of Hollywood moguls and he is thrust into stardom.

excerpt from Fuzz: The Musical

"How High The Mountain (Ronnie's Theme)"

I thought that my home was my castle
With no one scrutinizing me
No pigs, no lying bitch, no hassle
Ya'll are brutalizing me

Can't a man not drink his beer in silence?
Can't a man not crudely lie and scream?
Can't a man not control his bitch with violence?
Ya'll are brutalizing me

Ya'll are brutalizing me.

It has been rumored that "Run Ronnie Run! The Ronnie Dobbs Story" is currently in production by the Mr. Show cast ( and may be scheduled for release this year.

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