Rolf Maier Bode, and his German electronic music group. Though Farid Gharadjedaghi is also in the group, it's pretty obvious that RMB got to use his initials to name the band. Pretty lucky, I'd say. They have two albums out, as far as I know:

this world is yours - 1995
This album is kind of german techno verging on happycore. It features a female vocalist, kind of high and whiny, but it's still pretty good.

widescreen - 1998
nice downtempo album that features cool quotes from cool movies. The album starts off with:

I find myself on the planet Ogo,
part of an intellectual elite.
Preparing to subjegate the barbaric hordes on Pluto,
but even though this is a total reality for me in every way,
nevertheless Ogo is actually a construct of my psyche.
I am mentally divergent.
In that, I am escaping certain mundane realities that bring me here.
When I stop going there, I will be well.
Are you also divergent, friend?

- mental patient to James Cole in 12 monkeys

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