Several shark experts have come forward with the theory that some sharks who kill humans somehow develop a taste for human flesh. Attack patterns sometimes show groups of attacks in areas where there has not been a high risk before, and often disappear from these areas just as suddenly as they appeared.

One such incident took place off the coast of Queensland, Australia. A group of people were left stranded in the water after their boat, The Venture, sank. Constructing a raft from the wreckage, including a surfboard, they began to swim towards help. After several hours, what is believed to be a Tiger Shark began to harass them. It first attacked the captain, Ray Boundy, who was able to beat it off. Minutes later, it returned, this time attacking Dennis Murphy, removing his leg. Believing his wounds to be fatal, he told the others to go on without him. This they did, but not before seeing Murphy's body thrown clear of the water and devoured by the shark. Two hours passed before the shark struck for a third time, this time going for Linda Horton, biting her around the upper torso and shaking her violently before dragging her under. Boundy was later able to make it to the safety of a near-by reef, where he was rescued by a helicopter.

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