The very idea of seeing the movie Rocky acted out in a musical production on a stage on Broadway is enough to make everyone (with the exception of those of conceived of this horrid idea) cringe. Unfortunately, it would appear that this nightmare may actually come to fruition. The image that comes to mind is Sylvester Stallone singing about the eye of the tiger in that heavy Rocky accent of his. Actually, what first comes to mind is ol' Sly dressed in his red, white and blue boxing shorts singing "the Sun will come out Tomorrow." I don't know why.

Perhaps this musical will do well because it would be so horrible. Like the Rocky Horror Picture Show, or other such campy flicks, that may be its draw. Like a train wreck; no one will want to see it, but they will be unable to pull their eyes away from the disaster.

However, as horrible and awful as the thought of a Rocky musical is, it probably will not be that bad. It couldn't be that bad, could it? It would at least have to be better than ol' Rock singing about betting his bottom dollar on tomorrow, right? The expectation is so low for this production that it would have to surpass that, and might even appear to be decent. Although, I have had such low expectations before, only to come away from the production with a realization that a new low had been achieved.

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