The following recipie was conceived, tested, and more than proved its mettle at St. John's College / asylum in Santa Fe. For experienced amphetamine-users ONLY.

1 thermal mug with a top
2 tea bags -- Lipton's black tea or any kind of Earl Grey
5-6 teaspoonfuls or 5-6 cubes of sugar
1 1/2 cups of tea worth of water (however much that is for you) plus a tiny bit

1. Boil the water. Really boil, like a good rolling boil.
2. Pour it in the thermal mug. Add tea and sugar; stir.
3. Put the top on the mug. Let it steep for AT LEAST 15 minutes; make it 45 if you've got the time and your mug won't let it get cold by then.

Have fun, and be guaranteed you'll be awake to notice.

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