The museum of the Israel Antiquities Authority, located in Jerusalem, just across the street from the Old City. It houses a few statues, and many ancient trinkets, most of which were unearthed during the British Mandate period between 1920 and 1948. It is also involved with preserving and decoding the dead sea scrolls, but the scrolls themselves are stored elsewhere.

The museum is built more like a fortress than a house of knowledge. Chain-link fences topped with barbed wire surround the facility, and the only way in is a narrow drive that is guarded by a large retractable barrier that could stop a runaway semi. I suspect that the building had some sort of significance in the Six Day War, because one side of the building is covered with small pockmarks that look like they were created by bullets. I noticed that across the street, structures atop the wall of the Old City (held by Jordan in '67) bore similar markings on their sides. However, I was able to find no information to prove me right or wrong.

The meager web page for the museum is at

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