Album by Glasweigan band Mogwai released in 2001 on southpaw records. The album was produced by Dave Fridmann and was recorded in Cassadaga, NY and Glasgow. Gruff Rhys and David Pajo guest on backing vocals.

The CD sleeve features a portraits of the band members leaning against a pool table. Guinness and Kronenberg 1664 beer taps are visible. The bar features grafitti and spiky lampshades.

The tracks within are largely instrumental in the Mogwai tradition. However, vocals take part more prominently than in previous albums. 'Dial: Revenge' features harmony in Welsh!


  1. Sine Wave
  2. Take me somewhere nice
  3. O I sleep
  4. You don't know Jesus
  5. Dial: Revenge
  6. Robot Chant
  7. 2 Rights make 1 wrong
  8. Secret Pint

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