RoboCow is a new advance in bovine artificial stupidity. he inhabits undernet's #teenchat, where he spends his time recording language data from the teens who yammer endlessly on and on about god-knows-what. occasionally, his vodka-crack powered artificial stupidity system (ASS) makes an attempt at speech, which ranges from nonsensical to hilarious. examples:
<RoboCow> Im a vegitarian hamburger today so fart during sex. 
<RoboCow> Oh I love yooou heh poop loves me. 
<RoboCow> Dont listen to that ninja fag, hes all of N'SYNC nightly. 

and so on. since his 'speech' is derived from the chatter in #teenchat, he sounds a lot like a bizzare parody of your average teenage chatroom denizen.

actually, he's just an eggdrop bot running a tcl script which uses a modified version of dadadodo by jwz. he's still entertaining though.

you can tinker with him at:

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