Roberts Cove is a small harbour on the south coast of Co Cork in Ireland. I was there this past weekend

There are a few pubs an inn and a caravan park. The caravan park is small with about 35 caravans nestled beside it. All around the cove there are fields of Wheat. This is one of the few places in Ireland where Wheat is grown. Being so far south there is enough good weather to allow this crop to prosper.

The settlement in the cove was begun by monks who used to mill the wheat. I don't know when this began, nor when they left, but the place looks old.

If you go through the caravan parl and follow a track to the top of the hill on the right, a litte adventouresness will lead you to a small trail that descends down to the cliffs along the coast.

I think the rock is a kind of slate. There are many small but very pretty features, caves and Zawns.

Some locals climb there but I didn't meet them last weekend so I don't have any beta on the routes there. It seems there might be one or two really nice lines left to go.

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