Robert Venturi, American architect and designer, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1925. Venturi attended the Episcopal Academy in Philadelphia and graduated from Princeton University. He founded his own architecture practice in 1958. Venturi formed a partnership with John Rausch in 1964. Venturi's wife, Denise Scott Brown joined the partnership in 1967.

Venturi is considered by many to be the first major post-modern architect. Venturi disagrees with this label, saying "I am not and never have been a Postmodernist and I unequivocally disavow fatherhood of this architectural movement. The reaction against it by the architectural and critical establishment in the early ’90s I can understand; however I disagree with Neomod, the Modern-Revival or Modern-dramatique style that has replaced it."(1)

Important buildings include:

Major books by Venturi include:

Venturi received the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 1991. Venturi has also designed products for Alessi.

Venturi, Scott Brown, and Associates is located on the web at


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