Road to Richmond was published in Strategy & Tactics #60 by SPI, in December 1976. Designed by Joe Angiolillo. The game is subtitled The Peninsular Campaign, May-July, 1862. The historical article was written by Joe Angiolillo, as well.

RtR was not well received by the gaming community. Which is a shame, as it is modeled on the highly popular Blue & Grey ruleset. The game never received an expansion, writeup, or even errata report in S&T's sister magazine, Moves.

I have some theories as to why RtR was a dud:

  • Nobody wants to play the Peninsular Campaign. Watching Lee and Grant manuver in the mud is worse than watching paint peel.
  • The Confederate forces are set up all over the map, and could be defeated in detail by the stronger Union troops. But nooooooo! To make the battle anywhere near historically accurate, the Union player is loaded down with special rules and timed releases. Give me Gettysburg, where the initial flawed Union setup and a careful Confederate advance can recreate the destruction of the Iron Brigade...
  • It looked funny. Redmond A. Simonsen took advantage of the months since the release of the original Quads, and spiffed up the rough and wooded hexes.

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