Road Blasters was a video game from the late 1980s.
It was, superficially, a driving game, but it was also a shooting game where you would shoot vehicles and other obstacles on the road ahead of you. Road Blasters was most well known for the special weapons, which would be dropped on the roof of your car by a friendly little airship usually once per level. These would provide faster/stronger/otherwise better shots, or sometimes do entirely different things like give your car a super turbo boost to the end of the level (hope you can steer well!)
In this sense, it is in the same genre with Spy Hunter, though Road Blasters was presented in a first person perspective.

Road Blasters also offered a T-shirt prize to people who managed to complete the final level of the game before a certain date, but I have never heard of anybody who succeeded, and the contest was almost over anyway before I first saw the game. A sad case of something outliving its life expectancy, these games advertised this contest years after it had ended (and probably do to this day, wherever there are machines still operating).

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