Richard Neville was an English soldier and politician, who exercised great power during the first phase of the War of the Roses.

Created Earl of Warwick in 1450, he championed the Yorkist cause. In 1460 he defeated and captured Henry VI at Northampton. In Henry's place, Neville had Henry's cousin, Edward of York, proclaimed king as Edward IV (1461), and then destroyed the Lancastrian army at Towton.

When Edward tired of being controlled by Neville, Warwick replyed by joining the Lancastrians, forcing the king to flee to Holland, and restoring Henry VI to the throne (1470). Since Neville was responsible for both the crowning of Edward IV and the recrowning of Henry VI, he earned the nickname "Kingmaker." He was defeated and killed by Edward IV at the Battle of Barnet.

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