Richard D. James' brother. Before The Aphex Twin was born, his mother gave birth to a still born child, named Richard James. Three years later, Richard D. James (the d is for David) was born.

Richard James' tombstone can be see on the cover of the Girl/Boy song lp and on the inside cover of the Richard D. James album.

From the Aphex Twin FAQ (section g:11):

"It used to freak me out, 'cause my mom had a photo of this gravestone in her room, and when I looked at it when I was young, I didn't understand; 'Why is there a gravestone with my name on it?' I didn't realise, until I was older, who it was. The photo just freaks me out a bit. It's not every day that you can look at a gravestone with your name on it." Though he has never actually seen the grave in Canada firsthand. He doesn't even know where it is!

"Richard D. James is the difference between me and him. Like the 'D' makes the whole difference, and I did it for him 'cause I always felt guilty, and it's like I wanted to give him something back, something he would be remembered by. So I wanted the photo. I'm not really fucked up about it, but it's always like been on my mind kind of thing: pointing out the difference between the two. As a tribute mainly."

"Mom and I were talking about it the other day," says Richard. "She didn't see it as him dying. It's pretty fucking weird, actually, which is why I like {the photograph}. She basically decided I was going to be Richard James before I was born, not afterward. I can totally understand why she did it; she didn't want to accept the death of the child."

"That's why I'm the Aphex Twin," he claims. "I feel as if I nicked his identity. I reckon he looks after me, like a guardian angel."

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