Description Circa 2002

A highly-rated sixth-form college based in Taunton. Not to be confused with a University degree level college, they offer courses in A-Levels and GNVQs in academic subjects. Arthur C Clarke studied there and the library is named after him. The computer suite is, unfortunately, not named HAL. No-one is sure why.

The college attracts students from around Somerset, mainly because the other schools and colleges are pathetic. RHC has three blocks, cleverly referred to as A, B and C block respectively. A block contains the ever-present, ever-chip serving, canteen. This is next to the main hall, so whenever exams are taking place no-one can get food. This is highly infuriating when you need a sugar hit. On the other side of the canteen is the Student Common Room, which is the most disgusting smelling room I have ever been in an educational building (including the toilets). The general problem with the room is the fact it is carpeted, whilst allowing people to eat in there. Anything spilt or dropped gets trodden into the carpet where it stays, and slowly begins to decompose. A block also plays host to English rooms (rooms that teach English, that is, seeing as all the rooms at RHC are technically English).

The B block is where the science action is, all the Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics labs are here. Outside, the goths and skateboarders sit around smoking.

B block scientists deeply resent the C block thinkers, where they don't do "proper" subjects, they embark on Philosophy and Business Studies and the like. The resentment stems from the C block being built in 2000, so posesses some nice technology like Smart Boards (boards which display computer screens). Which they don't really need, but seem to have to rub it into the faces of the desparately underfunded science subjects, who would make better use of them. The Physics department can't even afford to give out all the necessary textbooks for the second year of study.

Outside in the fields we have the "Academy" people (students who have paid large amounts of money for top class sport coaching). They are the butt of many jokes (what they get up to in the showers, for instance) and can be spotted as they are always wearing Kevin clothes ("...if it's from Top Man, Next or FCUK, then it must be good!") or suits on match days.

The Student Council, being completly re-elected every year, is variable at best. The 2000-2001 council was one of the top rally organisers for a protest against University fees, helping to sort out one of the biggest protests outside London. The 2001-2002 council didn't. They sat around pretending to do work, whilst actually fighting between themselves. That's what power and responsibility does to you kids, don't go there.

Academically, the college is a high-flyer in the national league tables. 10-20 Oxbridge students are created each year, although most of these are people who are ridiculed by other students as they tend to posess no social skills.

Known Richard Huish Alumni

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