Goth band from Toronto, ON.

Band members:

From their website (

Named in honour of Rhea, mythological mother-time and 
moonsickle-wielding creator/destroyer of the world, Rhea's 
Obsession was created in 1994 by vocalist Sue Hutton, 
appearing at Mariposa.

The current incarnation of the band was born through the 
collaboration of Sue with guitarist Jim 
Field during the composition of a soundtrack for the 
dance film Tabulae Anatomicae Sex. This film 
debuted on the Bravo! arts channel in Canada and was 
aired on a regular basis for several months.

Jim is veteran of Toronto's underground music 
scene, having appeared on record and stage with such bands 
as Dinner Is Ruined, Lovebomber and Guilt Parade. 
Sue's background in Celtic folk music and 
classically-trained vocals blend on stage with 
Jim's expansive guitar soundscapes, 
keyboards by Dave Klotz and Mike Rosenthal on drums.

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