For the record, the reasons why you'd want to replace windows 95 with windows 981 include:
  • USB support: Proper USB support that actually works. The ability to plug in any device and not have to reboot. At all.
  • Large driver database: 98SE will recognise, and install usable, stable drivers for just about anything thrown at it. Without rebooting. Including all these 'badly designed devices' that only work in windows.
  • ACPI support: 98SE does ACPI IRQ steering properly, and can move devices (even ISA PNP devices) around on the fly, without rebooting. It properly supports ACPI wake on LAN, and hibernation modes. (For fun, take a hard drive containing a 98SE install, and the CAB files and plug it into another computer. Watch as it makes it to the desktop in one boot.)
  • Multiple monitor: Great for DVDs, Photoshop, etc.
  • Internet Explorer: Who knows, you might actually like it, and lots of websites don't work on any other browser.
  • Internet connection sharing: It apparently works. (98SE and ME only)
  • DirectX 8.1: DirectX 8 included a new version of DirectInput, which (Sooner or later) all games will need, and there isn't a version for windows 95.
Reasons why you wouldn't want to replace 95 with 98:
  • Higher system requirements: The installer won't let you install with less than 16 megs of RAM. It knows what it's talking about. I'd recommend at least 128, and a fast hard drive.
  • Slower (See higher system requirements): 98 can be very slow with too little RAM. Where 95 would merely page, 98 will thrash. But RAM is cheap. There's no excuse not to be able to run 98 at a reasonable speed.
  • Internet Explorer: See ( for how to remove it.
1 - 98 here being any of 98, 98SE, or ME. All of these operating systems differ from any of the 95 series in that the kernel supports WDM and ACPI, and that the shell incoporates internet explorer.

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