In Medieval times, a brave French knight named Renault travelled to the castle at Fayel. There he met the Dame of Fayel, and he though her the most beautiful lady he had ever laid eyes upon. As soon as he saw her he ran up to her and pledged his love. However our hero was disappointed, as the beauteous maiden explained that she was married to the Lord of the castle. Renault despaired, but things were about to get worse for him. The Lord of Fayel found out, but did not display his anger. He convinced Renault that he should go East to fight in The Third Crusade, thinking that he would be killed in the fighting. Renault, his love for the Dame of Fayel ruined, agreed.

So Renault travelled to the Holy Land to fight the Muslims. For months he fought bravely and slew many in the name of Christ. At the end of one battle, which the Christians had won, a poisoned arrow struck Renault in the thigh.

Before he died he gave instructions to his squire. He gave him a letter addressed to the Dame of Fayel, and told him that he must deliver it to her. He also told his squire that once he was died, he was to cut out his heart and deliver it to the Dame with the letter. The loyal squire carried out his instructions, but the jealous Lord of Fayel intercepted the squire and his cargo, he had the squire tortured and hatched a cunning plan. He decided to cook the heart of Renault and serve it to his wife that very night.

His wife however, heard of her husband cruelty before the heart was served to her. Nonetheless she ate the heart with relish. But the Lord received a shock when she declared that it was the most delicious meal she had ever eaten, and that she would never eat again. And so she passed away of hunger, and soon after the Lord died of shame.

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