I have no idea what this means, but the phrase "relax the belly" is painted in the middle of the northbound bike lane on Foothill Expressway in Los Altos, CA (USA).

I asked on the newsgroup ba.bicycles what it meant, but no one seemed to know; so I looked up the phrase on google and metacrawler, but all I found was a page about collecting ejaculate from stallions (apparently getting the horse to relax his belly facilitates the, um, erection) and I thought to myself, well, that's sure interesting, Eric, but it's not what you're looking for. After all, I haven't got a horse and even if I did, I sure wouldn't spend my time jerking him off.

Update: Recently, Foothill Expressway was re-paved, obliterating "Relax the Belly". Don't fret, though. I have took a photo before it was erased that I can e-mail to whoever wants it.

In relaxation exercises, theory holds that if you relax your belly, or abdomen, the rest of your body is much easier to relax.

Maybe that's what they meant.

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