i plant four hooves in the ground
and clefts appear
over a thousand years
the rising earth
swallows me whole

awaiting resurrection
where thoughts do not penetrate
with a big red erection
and three new hooves

i turn on a dime
and slip into time
i climb the impossible

i blink a world ender
and rise up erect
back into my world of
savage splendour

exeunt the holy cunt
to become the kingdom of heaven
paedophile crocodiles and
reptilians in septillions

all enter little children
though taking no joy
and each little girl
and each little boy
is wiser

i catch the devil
at childish play
reversing the day's

beneath his bower we dance across
the world in my nutsack
over eternity's hour

my cyclopean serpent
stares in his eye
and strikes- he submits

then i turn him to spaghetti with my twenty-inch machete
he turns into confetti by my twenty-inch machete
and the day prevails

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