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My craft name is Reisa WhiteOwl.
Origin of your name: (where it came from) It came to me. Through meditation and rearanging of letters for the name Aries. I am Aries, and the meaning... is the strengths of the sign, to help me along my way.
I am 55 (as of April 13th...
I've been picking up speed and searching for information and a place that feels like home sence my high school years on. I don't consider myself done learning. there are always new things to explore. I have been to several dedications and an initiation and couple of elevations. Native American ~ Blue Earth Medicine Lodge, Gardnarian, Solitary dedication, Progressive ~ Reisa's Bluemoon Grove.
We call ourselves A Progressive Coven. you have to keep growing and changing just as the earth grows and changes.
A little about you: I am a proud member of a fairly new group of people drawing together and calling ourselves Progressive, instead of Eclectic.
Things were not moving in the direction I thought I was being taught, so after delution past, I and a few others found each other; regrouped for mutual strength and help and searched for something that fit. Funny how the Goddess draws people together...
A little about my fur-babies: I have an old friend, who turned 15 this April. He recently had a change in tail length. And seems much happier. Guess it hurt more that he let on. He is a poodle mix and friendly fella, who has enjoyed traveling and camping with me at Giai retreats.
I share Lilith the Cat with my daughter, and Lilith takes advantage of any self respecting cat would. Twice the humans to do her bidding, haha.
My home is visited by those fur friends, and (others beings)who have past over and they come and go.
I have two grown kids Son who is making more family members with a fantastic woman (and giving me great ~ and terrific Grandkids; two she has brought in to share with me and one they have together)
I also have a fantastic daughter who helps me take care of myself and our home
Pagan paranting tips: Love them a lot and often, and remember they are on loan. If U mess with them...BOY is the Goddess gona get pissed, lol. Truthfully, l teach them to respect by showing them respect. Love by loving them.
Pagan fur-baby paranting tips: remember practice listening...they will let you know whats going on if U listen...very, carefully.
Suggested web pages for the files section & Internet abriviations you'd like to add to the files section: hopefully I will learn how to find & share these things some day. But today I am glad to find places like this to explore.