In general, all questions boil down to regurgitation, analysis, or synthesis.

"What time is the meeting today?"
"What's your name?"
are examples of reguritation. To regurgitate is to bring back from within, and in these cases represents simple memory retrieval.

"Does it look like it's going to rain?"
"What do you think happened in that accident we just passed?"
are questions of analysis. To analyze is to examine the evidence present, combine it with previous experience or knowledge, and present a commentary on the composition, cause, how, or why of a subject.

"How should I end this relationship?"
"What should I upgrade next to improve computer performance?"
are questions of synthesis. They are essentially analysis questions taken one step further: Analyze, then determine a further course of action.

Often what is perceived as intelligence is actually a keen ability to analyze and synthesize quickly. These two skills require a decent memory, but like the internet - if the information desired can be found or synthesized quickly then regurgitation is not as important.

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