Regent Park rose from the rubble of what was once the south part of the Cabbagetown neighbourhood. During the 1930's, South Cabbagetown was one of Toronto's worst slums and as such was targeted by Toronto city planners for a grand urban renewal scheme called Regent Park.

Built in 1949 Regent Park holds the distinction of being Canada's first public housing project. Regent Park was expanded in the 1950's to include the area south of Gerrard Street, which came to be known as Regent Park South.

It should be noted that Regent Park is a completely self-contained slum within the downtown core. The community has its own schools, churches and community centres as well as several offices and drop-in centres run by the Government of Ontario. It is not a very safe place to walk through during the daytime due to prostitutes, heavy drug users, carriers of weapons and corrupt policing.

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