The Nutrageous bar, with the possible exception of Snickers, is one of the most filling candy bars around. On the candy bar continuum, that stretches from sugary confections to nutty snacks, the Reese's Nutrageous bar is firmly in the snack category. When doing such things as walking across the Glen Jackson Bridge was one of my favorite past times, I would always make sure that I had a King Size Nutrageous tucked away.

The Nutrageous is also fairly unique amongst candy bars in that it was released fairly recently. Unlike the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and M&Ms, which have been around since Bodhidharma Came from the West, the Nutrageous was introduced sometime when I was a teenager.

For all this rhapsodizing that I have been doing in this node, the the Nutrageous is not exactly a work of culinary genius. It is basically peanuts, afloat in peanut butter, coated with a thick coat of Milk Chocolate. Simple, but then, so is water, bread and jo-jos, the other essential foods.

Also, source of the great phrase: "This is a Nutrage against human dignity!"

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