In recent times many modern political and philosophical thinkers have attempted to create new methods of analysis for the wide spectrum of ideas and debates that occur in modern society.

In our complex, media based society the scale of articulated commentary on major political issues has dramtically increased the complexity of argument. New methods and forms of analysis are required in such an environment in order that all ideas may be included within the political spectrum and given equal weight. This is essential if an inclusive system of democracy is to survive new waves of mass communication.

The recent political debates that occur on Everything are an excellent example. In previous times it was not possible for such a diverse population of thinkers to meet in the idea zone in such a way. In order for democracy to fairly represent the people it must be able to include the many and varied colours of such a new political spectrum.

With respect to these issues of modern political thinking a new reductionist political model has been created that will provide a level playing field. Instead of attempting to meet each political opponents unique perspective with a unique reply a consistent method of debate can be used to allow debate on a larger scale to occur without increasing even more the number of new political ideas.

The method is best shown by example and the following arguments and replies should be used as a basis for further exploration of the reasoning by students

Argument 1 - from Critique of Pure Reason , Analytic of Principles

General logic is constructed upon a ground plan which exactly coincides with the division of the higher faculties of knowledge. These are: understanding,judgment, and reason. In accordance with the functions and order of these mental powers, which in current speech are comprehended under the general title of understanding, logic in its analytic deals with concepts, judgments, and inferences.

Reply using modern argument methodology


Argument 2 - from Dilemmas of Democracy , A critique of liberalism

Liberalism's post-Lockian limitations manifest in several clusters of human activity -- ideology, education, bureaucracy, planning, administration and international contexts -- of which about thirty specific areas of contradiction are articulated.

Reply using modern argument methodology


Argument 3 - From DMan in Captain Planet , reduced here to a single statement that best summarises this modern thinkers often complex style

"Those whales are soooo cute! Corporations are evil!"

Reply using modern argument methodology,
(though here notice how it is difficult to refute such an all encompassing philosophy, even with our modern methods)


If you have comments or questions regarding these new methods please remember, FUCK OFF YOU SUCK and don't bother getting in touch.

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