"Really Rosie (Starring the Nutshell Kids)" is a half-hour animated TV special which first aired in 1975. Based on five books by Maurice Sendak, it features songs sung by Carole King, who also wrote the music for Sendak's lyrics.

The book "The Sign on Rosie's Door" provided the wraparound segments for the main musical numbers, which come from the four books that make up "The Nutshell Library."

It's a rainy day in a Brooklyn neighborhood of brownstones, and a group of friends is bored until their self-appointed leader Rosie has them all audition to play themselves in the story of her life. Johnny auditions with a counting song, Alligator auditions with his version of the alphabet song, and Pierre auditions with a cautionary tale, but Rosie tops them all by dramatizing the death of her "dear friend" Chicken Soup.

The songs are all memorable, especially the ones whose lyrics come straight from "The Nutshell Library." Carole King's soundtrack album was reissued on CD in 1999, and contains all the songs from the TV special:

The soundtrack album also contains four additional songs that apparently would have been in the special if it were longer:

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