This is a line from "Delete Yourself," a 'song' by Atari Teenage Riot. The song really is just a bunch of yelling as per usual with an unusual amount of buzzword tossing (as you can see from this node title). It is everyday ATR, but the thought behind it, now that I think about it, isn't.

What does this mean? Electronics have slowly invaded the human consciousness over the years...tearing away at the once meat and hay reality of the world. Well, let me narrow the world down to the United States, because I know not much of the rest of the world during the 1800s because so much happened in the U.S. that the history application processes here only feels the need to insert the United States: 1800s into our heads. blah.

Anyways, the United States used to be a really really big field of grass. It was yellowish (yes, visions of Little House on the Prairie are appropriate) even, and there were women in dresses running and cooking about and men farming things, sweating and milling about. Those that weren't farmers were bankers or some other such business person. They wore old-fashioned suits and tall hats and had less of that accent. These old time business folk also appeared as inventors, and such inventors used their crowbar intellects to pry open our door to the future (what is now present).

I think Benjamin Franklin came up with enough real inventions and discoveries to not need the false credit he receives for "inventing" electricity. The real folks that discovered electricity are the ones that first applied it practically. Edison's evil ass deserves heavy credit (though he was very evil), as do other inventors and such whose names I am too involuntarily ignorant to know. Things of note such as Babbage's huge computing machine (plans) were real indicators of what was to come.

I'm really not saying anything here, am I? Anyways, the industrial age (indicated by huge gears, the cotton gin, and other such brute force inventions) came and went, and the stock market did it's backflip (right into the black water that is real finance and debt). The second war of the world came along, and put into mass production the delightful military-industrial complex. Such an eager and government-charged call for research and action to increase destruction did for technology what porn has done for the Internet. The applications of electricity skyrocketed exponentially and has continued through time.

Wow. So many words, so little meaning...Um, Internet. Now, (Warning: Free Internet Advertisement) everybody's got Internet access and all these kids are online and sending pictures of grandma and making online diaries. This like MUDs are consuming the thought processes of the socially challenged yet mentally elite. Online gaming (including any multiplayer thingy like Age of Empires or a Quake) gives more and more folk everyday a way of detaching from the hell of modern Earth.

Reality hurts. There are nerve endings all over your body. They are rubbed the wrong way every day by every last thing you encounter. The amount of stress upon the common person has blown out of proportion in recent years, mostly due to this "cyberspace" (which ironically for some is the only way to escape it).


Reality is shit? No. Reality is where the technology that makes "cyberspace" exists. It's the hardware that runs the software. It's the hardware that holds the firmware. It's the hardware that you need for wetware, shareware, freeware, whateverware. The hardware is reality, and without reality there is no virtual reality. In order for something derived to exist, it has to be derived from something. In this case, that which it is derived from is also a host, so there is no loophole, no paradox, no backdoor, no way out. Allow me to sum up this simple phrase that Atari Teenage Riot (don't get me wrong; I like them; I buy and steal their shit) has dropped upon the children without a thought, leading their misled lives wrongly:

Reality is it. Cyberspace is not.

Get a life, kids.

function dumbWord(); {
// displays problems with the word "cyberspace"
print "'Cyberspace' is the dumbest fucking word in existence, by the way. It's an obvious buzzword, indicated by the utilization of the word 'cyber' and the attempt at a scientific connotation using 'space.' The word serves too heavily as a sort of wildcard the media and kids to use instead of knowing what the technology that is leading their lives really is. Do not use this word. Instead, fuck it.

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