ReAir is a small refillable version of compressed air (by Read Right) designed to be refillable via hand pump, air compressor, or a small specialized air compressor (by Read Right, of course). The whole idea is that it uses plain honest air (no chemicals) and is refillable, instead of disposable cans that contain who knows what. The 5 oz. cans should be discarded after a hundred uses though, due to moisture buildup in the can (accroding to R R).

The idea sounds neat enough but the cans cost about $8 apiece, and the specialized compressor costs some $60+. For that price, you could get a big air tank and a set of nozzles from Sears that would last forever and you could refill at Quiktrip. We actually did this at a computer shop I worked at. The little cans will store up to one hundred pounds of pressure, but it usually isn't enough to blow out a very dusty system without a refill or three halfway through.

My advice: Save up for a nice air compressor.

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