Ray Evernham is the current president and CEO of Evernham Motorsports a company he created that is in charge of two NASCAR Nextel Cup teams and also Evernham Engines a division that creates the engine that powers his race teams. Evernham Motorsports currently employes more then 175 people and is sponsered by Dodge, more then 3,000 Dodge dealers, and the United Auto Workers

Evernham did found his start as a driver in the modified division in New Jersey. After racing in the modified series, Evernham became a crew chief and partnered with a young hotshot, Jeff Gordon to start his career in NASCAR. While crew chief for Gordon, the duo won 47 Winston Cup races, two Daytona 500s, and the first Brickyard 400.

Soon, Evernham started looking for bigger and better oportunites, especially after the parternship with Gordon ended. In 1999, Dodge approached Ray to help get them back into NASCAR after a 20 year absence. Evernham accepted this challenge and within two years the manufacturer was back racing.

Currently there are two Evernham Motorsports teams racing, the #19 with Jeremy Mayfield as the driver and the #8 with Kasey Kahne as the driver. Bill Elliot is now in a reduced role, only driving part time in a developmental/testing role. Elliot drives the new engines and new racing packages the company would like to see run under real race conditions.

Information taken from www.evernhammotorsports.com and www.nascar.com

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