Swedish punk/reggae band existing between 1979 and 1980. Rasta Hunden is known for their humourous lyrics and witty political commentary; and also played a role in setting the stage for other Swedish punk bands (such as Mellincollin).

During the one year that they were a band, Rasta Hunden was pretty small and obscure; known pretty much only in their hometown of Sundsvall. Nonetheless, they managed to get a record deal with the newly-formed Swedish label Massproduktion (known today as the producers of bands like Garmarna), and produced a self-titled LP. However, despite Rasta Hunden's obscurity at the time, their album has been somewhat of a classic ever since its re-release in 1993.

In 1999, Rasta Hunden briefly re-banded for Massproduktion's 20th anniversary celebration. During this time, they recorded a new studio track (a cover of a song by one of the other Massproduktion bands) that was released on the compilation "We're Only in it for the Money." This compilation also featured a Garmarna cover of Rasta Hunden's Rastlös. Rasta Hunden also played two gigs at around this time, resulting in the release of a live album.

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