"Rashomon Style" is a story (almost always fictional) told from different, though completely wrong perspectives. It is a story with multiple unreliable narrators. I greatly appreciate these types of stories because they remind me how it's possible to disagree with an obvious lie and still be wrong.

My favorite story of this type is "Couch Patch" from Homestar Runner, available for free both on their site and on Youtube

Wikipedia calls these stories "Rashomon Effect" instead. Obviously it's named in honor of the Rashomon movie, which personally I didn't watch.

If for some reason you want an exhausting list of examples of stories of this kind, I recommend the Wikipedia page and the TvTropes page

Reading opinions from different non-fiction authors without taking breaks can easily induce this feeling, outside fiction; I don't recommend it because insanity is contagious, have conversations with individuals who aren't crazy instead.

Thank you, the reader, if you have read this far, have a nice day, I really mean it.

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