Radiohead blips, known by few, understood by less.

These were a series of about 50 little ads that were on TV prior to Radiohead releasing Kid A. They were about 30 seconds long, looks very arty and ended (usually) with a blip sort of noise (hence the name, I think anyway :)), accompanied by a picture of a simplistic bear logo, thingy....

They were created by Stanley Donwood (he's been making most of Radiohead's artwork (albums, booklets, posters...) for many years. You can check his site,, Mr Chris Bran and Shynola (some sort of graphics company their website is They made all of them in about a month, there is word that there are blips for Amnesiac too, but I haven't seen them.

You can get more info about the blips from the following sites
You could also try google-ing for "radiohead blips" which turns up a few results....

Update: 2005.10.11@20:52 @ jessicapierce says re Radiohead blips: just to let you know, both urls you cite here are dead.

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