Radical Castle was a fantastic little shareware game for the good ol' Mac Pluses that are now being used for fishbowls. The game was built around the idea that you were some sort of knight that was trying to save the beautiful princess, or something like that. (I can't find documentation, and haven't played the game in about six years. Forgive my memory.) In any case, you were on a quest to get into the castle from somewhere in the forest.

In order to get to the castle, you have to first get past a "Vorpal Bunny" by kicking it to death. From this, you get some sort of weapon (I've forgotten what) to kill other things with.

Then, on your way into the castle, you have to fight some other things, like werewolf-type things, especially if you get too far off the beaten path.

Once you get to the castle, you go into the tower as instructed. Once you go up, though, the sharewareness of the game kicks in, and you're stuck.

My favourite part about the whole game? There's a text box on the side where you can "talk" to the game. It will respond to certain phrases, and this is where you enter your commands. One day, when I got stuck in the tower, I started complaining to the game. (If you've got the game, you've got to try this for yourself.) Eventually I got so frustrated that I started using vulgarities. I put into the input, "Fuck you!".

It told me, "Same to you, buddy!"

Man, if only the game talked. Yeah, I got your Vorpal Bunny right here.

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