In 1990, Christian Wirth (aka Rad Man) along with Beholder, Grimm, Phantom and Shadow Demon were the original founders of the underground computer art group ACiD Productions.

Rad Man started out in another ANSI group called AAA (Aces of ANSI Art) by submitting a logo for a local h/p/a/v/c group called HeaT (Hackers Enterprising Across Telecommunications). When he and fellow members mentioned above felt AAA wasn’t the right place to be, they formed what is among the two best known art scene groups in history. (The other one being iCE Advertisements.)

Rad Man was the main fuel for ACiD and took on many responsibilities while running the group, such as supplying members with means to communicate: calling cards (usually hacked), teleconferences (always hacked), the ACiD VMB and ACiDCoN gatherings, and just making sure the quality of the group’s work stays as high as possible.

Up until 1998, he was the sole person responsible for putting the art packs together. Unlike most other groups where the coordinators and other staff members shared most of the load.

Rad Man himself has drawn many ANSIs over the years, while not considered one of the best artists he has some pretty good and famous stuff, including one of the BitchX logos and a drawing for Power Rage BBS. He has also written articles for a few diskmags and all around been the granddaddy of the ANSI scene for many people, for many years.

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