One thing to remember about white folks versus black folks in this country is that the whole situation is pretty damn artificial. Multiple times in U.S. history the wealthier white folks have introduced laws to separate European-Americans from African-Americans.

It started with the Virginia Slave Codes in the late 1600s which codified tight restrictions on the movements of slaves and forbade white folks from marrying them.  Then there was the One Drop Rule, which shoved all the mixed-race folks into the category of "black", once again in an effort to keep white folks as white and pure as the driven snow. Then there was the immediate post-WWII period, where the federal government re-segregated neighborhoods by requiring that federally-sponsored housing projects were for white folks only. 

Meanwhile, here in my own day, I notice that the jobs which have to even think of diversity initiatives and quotas and so forth are the middle-class ones. Working-class jobs seem to be fairly well integrated already, if my experience at the postal warehouse is any indication. It's almost as if diversity initiatives are an effort by middle-class folks to reverse a situation that their own parents and grandparents created. 

There's plenty of white folks in this country who are prissy sissies about marrying black folks but there have always been plenty who don't give a damn. Keep that in mind anytime someone starts talking to you about how white folks and black folks are super different and incompatible. 

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