A member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

From another dimension known as Teall inhabited by energy beings, Quislet (whose real name is unpronouncable) was the most independent of his kind and was, therefore, given the task of manning a spacecraft designed for exploration of other realms. Taking the craft through a black hole, Quislet ended up in our reality. Aiding law enforcement officials in his quest for fun, Quislet decided to apply the Legion for membership. He was accepted along with Sensor Girl, Magnetic Kid, and Tellus as Legion members.

Quislet has the ability to inhabit and then reform and manipulate non-living matter. Quislet can only stay in an object for a short time and then must return to his spacecraft. Once he has left an object that he has inhabited, the object disintergrates.

Quislet and Wildfire returned to Quislet's dimension to discover that he had been found guilty of treason and was sentenced to death for taking the spacecraft. Wildfire and Quislet defeated the members of Quislet's kind who sought his death, but because Quislet's craft was destroyed in the fight, Quislet could not return to our reality and resigned his Legion membership.

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