A paper card with a magnetic strip on it used for fares on the PATH train. They come in denominations of 2, 10, 20, 40, and monthly (up to 46) trips, expiring 180 days after purchase or at the end of the month (for monthly cards). Each trip costs $1, and is multiplied by the number of trips. Curiously, the monthly card costs the same as a 40-trip card ($40).

Effective on March 25, the PATH fare will increase to $1.50. The QuickCards, however, will reflect discounts on trips. The ten-trip card will cost $15 but will give 11 trips. The 20-trip card will be discounted $6 at $24. The 40-trip card will be discounted $12 at $48. Senior citizens will get a discounted fare of $1 per trip.

The fare increased were proposed in the Fall of 2000, and in fact was going to be $2. Acting New Jersey Governor Donald DiFransesco lowered it to $1.50, citing New York City's subway fares at $1.50. DiFransesco shares responsibility with New York Governor George Pataki in determining Port Authority fares. The PATH increases corresponds to increases in bridge and tunnel tolls.

When a QuickCard is used, the turnstile tells you how many trips are left on it before it spits it out. On the last trip, the card is "captured" and is not returned to you.

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