A superhero on the cover of shieldmaster rubber gloves. With either a purple rubber glove on his head or a gold helmet, he poses like Captain America, next to the words "powder free, nitrile synthetic, exam gloves"

On the side of the box shows him using his shield against a big oil drop with an angry face, saying "Take that, Splash, you will be defeated with my superior resistance to your evil composition!"

To the right of that we see the Purple Knight doing battle with a spider/demon/bat while saying "My barrier integrity will defend against mighty enemies."

And the best one is his purple glove punching a ribbon/snake while saying for great justice, "Pesky label Serpent! Try with all your might, you cannot stick to my Nitrile Gloves!"

I have only seen these in an undergraduate science lab, where on the first day, the students had a good laugh over it.

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