Pur"lieu (?), n. [Corrupted (by influence of lieu place) fr. OF. pural'ee, poral'ee (equiv. to LL. perambulatio a survey of boundaries, originally, a going through); por (L. pro, confused, however, with L. per through) + al'ee. See Pro-, and Alley.] [Written also pourlieu.]


Originally, the ground near a royal forest, which, having been unlawfully added to the forest, was afterwards severed from it, and disafforested so as to remit to the former owners their rights.

Then as a tiger, who by chance hath spied In some purlieu two gentle fawns at play. Milton.


Hence, the outer portion of any place; an adjacent district; environs; neighborhood.

"The purlieus of St. James."

brokers had been incessantly plying for custom in the purlieus of the court. Macaulay.


© Webster 1913.

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