So, you want to be a fashion punk. First of all, don't. On the other hand, if you actually like the music and feel you need to express this through a style change, then by all means do it. But if you just think it looks cool, I'd suggest you go hang out with the ravers. Anyway, the first step is to get some f'in rank clothing. Old, ripped, home made t-shirts, similar pants (Dickies are good, they're indestructible) and plenty of saftey pins to fix spontaneous rips in your new (well, relatively anyway) duds. As for the less required elements, many punks like to wear metal spikes on any piece of leather they can find, wrist bands, belts, gloves, etc. If you want to look extra intimidating make sure that the wrist bands cut off almost all blood flow to your hand, causing all the small blood vessels to bulge outwards, and making you look really bad ass. Wallet chains seem to be popular amongst all the cliques, so go with how you feel. Just make sure it won't be an anchor for you to get slugged around by in the pit. Congratulations, you're all decked out, now you just need some dangerous personal philosophies.

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