This was a story that ran in the local papers in Salt Lake City, Utah in the spring of 2000. I am a little fuzzy on the details because it was so long ago, but no matter:

Vanilla Ice, the no-talent white boy we all know and hate actually is still touring. (I know, I was as amazed as you are) Anyway, Mr. Ice Ice Baby played a small movie theater in Salt Lake called "The Tower." Some of the DJs at a local radio station got wind of the performance. One DJ said he would give $100 to anyone who would "beat the shit" out of Vanilla Ice.
I'm sure you can see where this is going.
At the concert someone did jump on the stage and laid Vanilla Ice out. Yup, a right cross, I think, right to the head.

Anyway, the DJ got in trouble with his radio station for encouraging violence, The Tower got busted by the city because they don't have a permit for live concerts, I don't know what happened to the un-named assailant (who made it out the stage fire exit), and Vanilla Ice got a big bruise on his.

This has been a random act of node-ness

Update - CzarKhan has informed me that this is "sick and disgusting". He also askes if I think it's ok to harm someone based on their music. I guess that depends on the music.
If anyone saw MTVs "100 worst videos of all time" knows, Ice-boy is a putz. He was invited to the show to "retire" his "Ice Ice Baby" video, which, let's face it, sucks. (pardon the inarticulate slang) Ice decided to destroy the tape with a baseball bat. The problem was that he threw the tape in the air and hit it right into one of the hosts. Then he went after the tape while it was leaning against the host's leg! About now everyone was diving for cover whil Ice went after the rest of the set, destroying it on camera. After the longest comercial break in MTV history, the hosts were back the set was partially repaired and they announced that Vanilla Ice was banned for life. Now is it okay to hit him?

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