This recipe is living proof that delicious does not necessarily mean complicated. My mother makes a killer pumpkin soup, as does my dad's girlfriend, as does my chef cousin. Their recipes include some complicated stuff (well, relative to this recipe, anyway), and so do similar soup recipes here on E2. And yet all three agree that my soup ranks up there among the greatest pumpkin and sweet potato soups of all. Until I tell them how I made it. Then they scoffaw. But inside, they are writhing in shame that they slave over their complicated recipes and yet my elegantly simple and simply elegant recipe kicks oh-so-much-ass.

The last two are optional because they are just garnish, basically. However they elevate the taste by about 20 levels, they are simple additions, and they make the dish much more attractive, which is an important part of the culinary experience. What I am saying is don't skip on them.

Take as much pumpkin and sweet potato as you wish, and in whichever proportions you want. I use half and half, but you can use anywhere from 0% to 100% pumpkin, depending on what proportion you want the flavour to be. Peel the pumpkin and sweet potato. Dice them small, and cook them in a pot until they are soft and mushy. Pour out most of the water, but leave a little in. Now take the whole mixture to the blender, and blend it quite well, though don't take all the chunkiness out.

Add pepper and salt. This is the key. Don't be stingy on the pepper. It has to be slightly hot. This will make the soup much more sophisticated.

Pour into bowls. Pour a blob of creme fraiche into the middle and garnish with parsely. This has to be the easiest soup in the world.

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