The Pujiang Hotel in Shanghai China was established in 1846, at which time it was known as Richard's Hotel and was on the Bund, the European waterfront strip. The hotel was moved to its present location, across the Garden Bridge, in 1857. So says the hotel's official website, at any rate. I don't know if that means that the whole edifice was physically transported, or whether the business alone moved. At any rate, the hotel gained its current European classical style after a renovation in 1907.

The Pujiang was home to seven of the first fifteen electric lights installed in the city in 1882. China's first telephone was also at the hotel, and the first phone directory, published in 1901, lists the hotel's phone number as 200. Albert Einstein stayed there in 1922, as did "Art Master" Charlie Chaplin in 1931 and 1936.

The Pujiang has evidently had further refurbishment since I stayed there in 1986. Even then, its grandeur shone through, but the only accomodations were dormitories for backpackers, and there was a restaurant that served eggs, ham, and toast for breakfast, and not much else. These days there are private as well as shared rooms, plus several restaurants, a bar, and a dance hall.

The hotel's website, which contains most of this information in charmingly fractured English, is at

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