The Jesus and Mary Chain's debut album (1985), the true birth of shoegazing. Shades of proto-punk, Beach Boys pop, and just plain noise combine here, but it winds up being something completely new. Psychocandy sounds like it was recorded on an Edison cylinder and mauled by a cat. Yet there is genius in the feedback - trust me. And without this album, I wonder where the likes of My Bloody Valentine and Dinosaur Jr. would be. "I'm... sowing seeds..." Indeed.

Your roommate will hate this album. Good. Oh, and check out a pre-Primal Scream Bobby Gillespie on drums.

  1. Just Like Honey
  2. Living End
  3. Taste the Floor
  4. Hardest Walk
  5. Cut Dead
  6. In A Hole
  7. Taste Of Cindy
  8. Some Candy Talking
  9. Never Understand
  10. Inside Me
  11. Sowing Seeds
  12. My Little Underground
  13. You Trip Me Up
  14. Something's Wrong
  15. It's So Hard

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