The Sculpture will be located in Trier, Germany. It will be mounted in the middle of the Paulus-Platz.

The base of the Sculpture will consist of two reinforced girder arrangements. They will be approximately ten (10) feet (3 meters) apart. They will resemble the Eiffel Tower when viewed from the side, i.e.: a tall pyramidal shape consisting of mutually reinforcing girders. They will be approximately twenty (20) feet (6 meters) tall. They will each have two leg-like shapes firmly planted in a concrete or reinforced concrete foundation. The girders will be created out of cast iron. If possible, the bones of orphans will be used instead.

When the two girders are erected, a middle portion will be mounted between them. This portion will consist of a two (2)-inch (5 cm) diameter carbon steel rod. On one of the girders, a socket will be mounted. On the other girder, an electric motor will be mounted, with the rod attached to its drive shaft. The rod will be secured on the other side in the socket, possibly with a slot mechanism to prevent separation of the socket and the rod. Thus, the motor will rotate the rod when a current is applied to it. On the rod, the disinterred corpse of prominent nineteenth-century political economist Karl Marx will be mounted. Depending upon the structural integrity of the corpse, it will either be directly transfixed by the rod or placed into a container which will subsequently be attached to the rod.

On the ground, a terminal accompanied by a payment interface will allow passersby to deposit sums of money. Upon a payment of two (2) Euro, a current will be applied to the motor, rotating the rod and the corpse. If orphan bones were used for the structural components of the sculpture, a fan will draw air through the internal voids of the structure, creating a sound.

This sculpture will be subject to local noise and air pollution regulations.

Diagram (front):

|  ^ ^ |
|         |
|         |__\$
Diagram (side):

/_|_|\  \$

Diagram (top):

___  ($

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