Projet Atalanta is an album from the Aquablue series of comics (or Bandes dessinees), published in 1998 (ISBN: 2-84055-227-2). It camed a long time after the previous ones, and if you don't want to break the suspense, don't read after! You've been warned!


In the unexplored depths of Aquablue, Nao and its companions discover an incredible spectacle: under a translucent sphere, an immense underwater city is offered to their glance... A city whose inhabitants hold invaluable secrets, able to rock the end of the fight between the inhabitants of Aquablue and the invaders from Earth.

But it will be necessary to act quickly, because in the base of Ulla Morgenstern, Dr Fershid tests on human beings a devastator virus, intended to kill the local population.

While the Legion practices ultra-sophisticated armaments, the fighters of both camps prepare the ultimate battle, on which depends the fate of the whole planet.

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