An open source Nintendo 64 emulator for Windows.

This is a very nice emulator for many reasons. For starters, unlike some other Nintendo 64 emulators I have tried, it is easy to use and quick. Downloading and installing it is easy. Playing games on it is almost as good as the real deal, which is good since mine is starting to malfunction.

Playing with the keyboard is a little hard, so invest in a game controller of some sort. Gameplay is smooth, with a few exceptions. In Mario Kart 64 there are random pauses during play; this also happens in GoldenEye 007 only much more often. The only game that I have played so far that does not emulate too well is Mario Tennis. The graphics in it are flickered and messed up in spots, but it is still playable.

Many thanks to the authors of this software. The website is found at

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